Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year 2011

Hurray!!! I received a post other than from my son. I sometimes think no one is out there.

I had a very pleasant new years eve. I was at son's house playing a game. One I remember playing with him many years ago. The game's date was 1984 son said I was living on Hermosa, when we played the game. Oh yes, the name of the game was Bible Trivia. I do remember he beat the sox off of us and I was disappointed how little I knew.

Three and a half hours of snacks and soda's. Four of us and I won. Can I crow a little bit. Son and I were neck and neck but I edged him out. Some of the questions were so simple. The rest of them were very difficult.

Son just said I had many more years of study than the rest of them. Son had 4 years at Wayland and one at Southwest. His years of study, were lots of years ago. I have to excuse him on that account but the winning was sweet.

Hope everyone has a great New Year. 1 01 2011 or 1/1/2011 or 1/1/11 has to be a good new year.

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