Monday, January 04, 2010

New Years Sunday

My decision to go back to the Methodist Church was the right one I even survived the 8:oo services with 24 degrees outside.

I took my December the 30th grandson and family to lunch food was terrible but the company was good.

Driving home I was very sad about my other December 30th kids and families I ques I was really feeling sorry for myself. I wasn't looking fore ward to the rest of the day my myself. Sundays are hard for me. I happened to see my friend Rich's car in his driveway. He has been in another state getting a house ready for him to move. We have been friends for over 20 years. He has completed most of my handyman work. We became friends through the Neighborhood Association. Shari, Rich, Mary Ann and I were the Neighborhood Association for a long time. Anyway I called and he said he was getting ready to leave again today. I said if you have time for a chat come over. He called a few hours later and said I have a piece of Pecan Pie for you and Shari. I said bring it over and I'll call Shari and make tea. We had a three hour tea party and caught up on all our lives. We also solved all the problems of the world.

How great to have such old friends that we can discuss anything with and no one gets angry. So we don't agree with everything but we can discuss it peaceably.

I don't know when I enjoyed an evening so much. I can't stand it that he thinks he has to move to another state.

New Years off to a good start.

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