Thursday, January 21, 2010

Granddaughter out of Hospital

Granddaughter is out of the hospital and seems to be better. I am still puzzled why it took so long to get something done. It seems to me like they waited until almost the last minute before they decided to do something.

It took 3 units of blood to get her up on her feet and a D and C to stop the bleeding. She still is very weak but we are encouraging her to start fighting back. Maybe she can get some of her strength back in a few days.

I missed working at the church yesterday. I spent the afternoon at the hospital with my daughter in law while granddaughter was in surgery.

I am feeling so much better that I am afraid to try to do to much. I am waiting for my weekly or monthly sick spell. I can't believe I am getting through a week feeling alright.

I took my bad dog to the vet today. She has a ear infection. Boy was that trip expensive. I'm glad it is only once a year. We start to school next week. If I can't learn or she can't learn to stop jumping up on me. She will have to go back to the pound. Her new thing is to jump on me from the back. She has almost knocked me down a couple of times. She was so good riding in the car today. She lay on the back seat going across town and beside me coming home. She is a lot of company and I do enjoy her but the jumping has got to stop.

This is stupid stuff to write about so I'll stop.


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