Friday, December 25, 2009


Merry Christmas from cold damp North Carolina. We had Christmas or the opening of the presents last night. David has to work today. The house is small for 9 people most of the adults or almost.

Sweetpea has grown, she is almost as tall as I am. She is almost square like Steven was at her age. She and Steve keep a good house they work together well. They seem to be adjusting well. Michelle likes her school and has a good counselor. We spent one day in Jacksonville shopping. That girl can shop me into the ground. We found jeans and some underwear. I found some shoes and we had seafood for lunch in a grownup place.

David said he would go with us to Morehead City an Beaufort on Sunday.

David's new girlfriend comes with a large family. A grown daughter married to a Sailor and with a darling little boy almost two. They had to leave before Christmas to go to another base. They have a 14year old boy that is hyper big time. We all keeping trying to give him some coffee but he doesn't like it. This kid is bright, bright and likeable but the hyper is getting to me. A 16yearold girl complete with a boy friend. She plays guitar and will help Michelle with her's she got for Christmas. She has a crush on Steven and the two of them keep things lively. Momma is very likeable and so--- good to Michelle and Michelle likes her and hangs all over her if we let her. Michelle feels like they are part of her family already, if things don't work out it could be bad. This is all happening very quickly and we hope they will slow down and take it easy.

I need to go see about Michelle more later.

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