Monday, July 26, 2010

Greetings from theHospital

Last Thursday I felt very weak, when I first got up. I called son and we went to urgent care. That was a waste of time. We wound up at the ER in the hospital that I really despise. They ran tests and were ready to release me when I compained of chest pains. That was one of the original complains. They read another blood test and said I had a blood clot in the lung. So they admitted me and I have had first one thing or another and I am still here. They have started me on blood thiners and that lowers my blood presure and because I have low blood presure anyway. Well you can guess it makes my blood presure down to the high eightys. I can't even walk around when it is that low. I am trying to keep it up today so I can go home tomorrtow.

Will keep you posted.

I don't have my speller with me.

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