Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I didn't bounce

I fell leaving Church Sunday. They had a long piece of plastic along the entry to the auditoium. This was not fastened down in anyway. I got my toe under the edge and got my foot caught under it and of course I went down. I fell on my new plastic knee. I had it x-rayed, I didn't break anything thank heavens. I guess that was the best way to fall if I had to fall. I have pulled some muscles so I am sore but I am alright.

I bought a new Quicken mine was about 8 years old. I haven't kept up with my Quicken this past year and doing my taxes was a pain in the neck. I have installed the new Quicken and it won't let me go back to the old one without wiping out the new one. I am trying to reconstruct all this years bank items. I have two checking accounts. Two savings accounts, 5 credit cards, and one mortgage. I can keep everything on Quicken except mileage. I should be able to figure out how to keep that too.

I am getting money back from Federal but I didn't pay any State so I have to pay that. Bummer it is going to take half of my Federal to pay the state. I was planning on having the car repaired with the Federal.

I am going to physical therapy so I should be back in shape in good time. I can't seem to get it all together. Things keep happening all the time to set me back.

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