Friday, August 13, 2010

5th time in a year

Hospital again that makes the 5th time this year. I am not going again without kicking and screaming. This time they did every kind of test there is on my heart. My heart is good I still have the leaking valves but not too bad.

I never had a blood clot the other doc took a x=ray and said there was a 85 percent chance of a blood clot. So they just thought I did and told me I had a blood clot. They put me on blood thinners and I am tied up with having tests for that. I have an appointment with my primary doc next Thursday. I am hoping he takes me off of the blood thinners. I got all the medical records from the hospital for the primary doc.

I am dragging a oxgen tank around with me. I have put off as long as I can without taking oxgen. I can't get a smaller pack that I can carry over my shoulder until I see a lung doc. I am having trouble getting an appointment. I have one in about 10 days. That is better than Nov. when the hospital got me an appointment.

I am having strange dreams I don't know if the oxgen has any effect on that.

Second son went to Bible study with me yesterday. The ladies loved him he filled in so much history around our lesson and they took his word for gospel. That is better than the TV preacher that one of the ladies had some recording of. Isaiah was fortelling of the building of the Aswand Dam.

Yesterday was three years after hubby's death. I didn't think of it yesterday but today it came home loud and strong. It was not as hot yesterday or today like it was then.

Grandaughter is going to Las Vegas with me to help me lug the oxgen tank around. She is thrilled first airplane ride and first time in Las Vegas. She is old enough to get into the cassino's. The last time hubby and I were in Las Vegas we didn't gamble any at all. That was a couple of weeks before hubby was diagnosed with cancer.

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Anonymous said...

good to know your out of the hospital and back on your feet take care of yourself and keep safe. you and your grandaughter have a safe and fun time in vegas take care now