Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hello from Rehab

Son told you on his blog how I wound up here. The week in the hospital was terrible. Rehab is better the doc's are listening to me about medication. When you have been on pain killers and shills med for 4 years. Your body goes into withdrawal. I have been taking 10 codine and 325 tyendol. Lyrica is for the shills med.

I kept trying to tell them I was in withdrawal and the pain was intense. Hospital doc wouldn't believe me. They cut me down to 5 codine and 500 tyendol. Doc's have told me that much tyendol was danergous for my kidneys. Anyway I fought the entire week I was in the hospital.

When I arrived in rehab they immediately listened and started with the correct doseage. I had a little trouble getting pills scaped out to my usual ones but that is working alright.

Rehab is working well I am walking twice a day besides that they have me doing. Friends have been good in coming by so I see family or friends once or twice a day.

Number one sons bog is keeping me up on all the news. I am appaled at Baylor's choice of president. Is all the colleages and seminaries preaching funday teaching today. No wonder young men and women are staying away in bunches.


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