Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall 1948

Football season in Pueblo sunshine was bright on that Saturday afternoon. Central/Centennial football game . Central won and my friend Margie and I were silly with the winning and up to doing any crazy thing. The crazy thing was a snake dance going down Broadway Avenue all the way from the stadium to the junction. Margie and I were in the middle going around cars that we had stopped on Broadway. One of the stopped cars belonged to my boyfriend Marv. Marv wanted me to go to the Central/Centennial victory dance that night. Margie had broke up with her long time boyfriend and didn't have a date. I told Marv I would go if he could get Marge a blind date.

Bill was the blind date for Marge. She spent the whole night dragging me into the restroom telling me that Bill couldn't dance and she wanted to go home. I spent a lot of the time changing dances with Bill and Marv so that Marge would stay at the dance. I really liked Bill (boy could he dance). Bill ask me to go to the ROTC ball with him. I had to break up with Marv so that my conscience would let me do that. Marv's Mormon Mom was very happy she didn't approve of this little Baptist girl. For the rest of the year Marge and I both dated Bill. Marge finally went back to her old boyfriend and married him.

Bill joined the Marines that summer and left town. I dated Bill when he was in town the next two years. We wrote tons of letters during that time. During the summer of 1950 Bill was home his little sister had surgery and they gave him leave. We decided to get married that summer. I have already posted that. My parents and Bill's mother drove to California and were there for our wedding. I am the only one still alive that was at that wedding.

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