Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pain, Pain and more Pain

I am walking up to 20 minutes at a time for the last three days. I am trying to get stronger but I am doing it in pain. I am taking oxycodone/APAP 5mg-325 mg every 4 hours and I am still in pain most of the day and some of the night. I am using heat sometimes and cold sometimes this seems to help.

I have been going to Unity on Sundays Shari will take me. I finally have her going regularly. I'm not sure she would go if they were meeting any place else. I managed to go to the covenant group this morning and out to lunch with them. I need to try and go back to church there, now that Shari is going to Unity by herself. I will need to get someone to pick me up but I would have to go back to SS and I really dislike that. Maybe I just have to wait until I can drive myself.

I have been hurt that Pat and family have not been more interested in how I am doing. I don't hear from them at all. Linda did call this week but I will admit when I need something they are there. I know that house is a zoo so it is difficult for them to think of any thing else.

I have been thinking of writ ting the story of my marriage here, I haven't decided yet. Pat gave me this award and I was suppose to pass it on but trying to find 15 blogs to pass it on became a chore that I didn't want to do. Maybe the pain I'm living with makes me crabby.

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