Thursday, November 10, 2005

Advanced Age Sucks

I can't believe I can't sew anymore. I am looking at the drapes and bedspread in my bedroom that I made not too long ago. I have a perfectly matched jacket hanging in the closet that I made ages ago. I use to make formals, dinner jackets, sports jackets, most of my clothes and most of P's.

I cut out a cape for Michelle for Christmas out of costume fabric, lousy fabric raveled like crazy. My sewing machine gathered it while I was runing the seams but I thought I could press them out. Wrong they wouldn't press out I clipped them and tried to press them out that didn't work. While pressing them I managed to melt a iron space on the front panel. I have rolled it up and stuck it in a Walmart bag ( something Walmart if good for). I have cut out a pair of baby doll PJ's for Michelle. I will try once more today. If that doesn't work P will have to do all the sewing.

I printed pictures out of the digital camera yesterday. They are beautiful the pictures I took of the lake at sunset are great. If I could just figure out how to get them on to the blog. We also have pictures we took of the lake when we moved in. Pictures of C graduation and graduation party. I quess I will have to start making scrapbooks. Mayabe I can manage that.

Today is another Michelle day. While I was sewing Michelle played with all the notion in one of my sewing boxes. She had so much fun with ribbons, cords, bias tape and etc. All of my sewing stuff is in such a mess. I need to spend one day doing nothing but sorting. That might be a good project for Michelle and I after school today.

Seeing my mother sew on the old treadle sewing machine (that P has) all my life. I couldn't believe that I couldn't do the same. When I was PG with P in North Carolina, I needed summer baby clothes. B was a winter baby, clothes at the PX the only place within 25 miles to buy clothes was too expensive. I needed to sew some things and I needed maternity clothes. I had seen a Singer truck runing through the housing area MEMQ. So I mailed a letter to New Bern and ask them to send me a sewing machine to rent. The guy showed up alright but of course he sold me a sewing machine. A feather weight portable (that weights of ton). I think the total price was $150.00 a fortune to me at that time. I paid that thing off at $7.00 a month for ever. Quess what I am still using it. It has traveled as much as I have and made many an item slip covers for the old wooden living room set (every one remembers that). I made B shorts and shirts he wore in North Carolina when it was so hot. I bought him one shirt and one pair of pants at the PX for church. The shorts and shirts were nylon crinkle the latest fabric called wash and wear. They had to be I didn't have a washing machine until after P was born. When P was going into the second grade we were living on Hermosa. Do you remeber the lovely screen in porch. I put the machine on the porch and the TV set on Labor Day and watched the Jerry Lewis Telethon. I made her 3 outfits that day, pants and smake tops. She wore them to school all that year by then they were double knit. Michelle's things are all cotten, but P and I still have lots of double knit in our sewing stuff, lots of cordaroy. I need to find something to do with cordaroy at least they say that is coming back. Well enough of the tale of the sewing machine. P would that make a good story the many trials and travels of a well used sewing machine.


Greek Shadow said...

It might.
E is in limbo right now. He's working and has some tough decisions to make, but I don't want to talk about them before he makes them.

Christopher said...

There is a link for "April D" on my blog she can explain how to get pictures onto your posts. I know how, but don't think I could easily explain it, sorry. Do you mind if I ask how old you are? sorry for your loss, happy to read your blog thoughts and memories.

Christopher said...

we're in San Antonio and I pastor at Dellview Baptist. I'm originally from Ft.Worth, but I went to truett at Baylor and Wayland graduate school in San Antonio.

Leslie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Come back anytime.

About getting photos on your blog: There are many free image hosting sites, like Photobucket, which I use most often because you can have your own account and go back to the photos stored for future use. Do you know much about HTML? All you do is upload your image and copy/paste the image URL into the "edit html" section of a post when writing it. Do any of your family members there have blogs and photos? They could help you with this. Let me know if I can help more.