Sunday, November 13, 2005

D Birthday

What a beautiful day, a little cloudy this morning but then finally just lots of sunshine.

We drove to Dallas to the aquarium. We thought they had the cafe named the Rain Forest. We found a tex/mex cafe. We found a sandwich shop. Finally we found a pretty nice cafe. Food from lots of countries. Food was good and we had a nice lunch.

We spent the next two hours walking through this amazing place. Beautiful, beautiful landscaping for monkeys, birds, fish, turtles, bugs, and everything else. It was crowded but it was so nice. They had a Mayan exhibt including dancers in costume. A terrific big pretty cat you just wanted to pet him. I am sure you would lose a hand or arm if you tried. I don't think I have ever seen penquins that close before. Pretty tropical birds and folage.

D seemed to like the sign Michelle and I made it says their last name and what year they were married. P has chemo tomorrow, D is going to take her so hubby and I will pick Michelle up from school. I may try finishing Michelle's baby dolls for Christmas.


Greek Shadow said...

Sounds like a wonderful place.

Greek Shadow said...

Let Penni know she's in our prayers.