Friday, November 04, 2005


gals left today, it has been a fun 3 days but I am so tired.

Wednesday night we drove to Kaufman to meet them at the hotel. When the sun went down the sky was a pretty pink. After dark the bugs came out and hit my car like rain. Boy does it need to be washed now.

Thurday the gals came by the house for a tour of the new place. We went out to breakfast and on to First Monday. We walked outselves to death. Hubby went to the potty about 1:15 and he was suppose to meet us in the next building. When he came out of the potty he went the wrong direction and got lost. Billie and I looked for him for an hour and couldn't find him. I had to leave to go pick up Michelle from school. While I was gone he found the place where we left the car and of course it was gone. Michelle and I came back and looked for another 30 minutes before I found him just sitting on a bench waiting for me to find him.

Today the gals called and hubby and I met them again. P and D came for a few minutes to say hello. I spent all morning with them and was too tired to keep up. I had told hubby to meet me at the food court and he was OK in this building. I found him and we came home to rest the rest of the day. Billie called as they were leaving out of town. It was so good to see them and talk to someone again. But they have too much engery for me I couldn't keepup with them.

Tomorrow is a Michelle day so I had better restup.


Greek Shadow said...

The state is mailing checks instead of direct deposit. It may take some time to get to you after all the places it will be forwarded to unless it sent to Penni's.

Pastor Christopher said...

Thanks for your nice comment about my little dancing gal. Are there good strong moderate churches in Canton?

Kim said...

Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog. I like your stories! :)