Sunday, November 20, 2005

I did it!

I just discovered the way to delete the duplicate blog.

I've been interested in watching P with Michelle and how she is making memories for her. P and P my second and third children. Tell me about some of their memories of growing up at home. I don't spend enough time with my oldest for some of those to come up.

When we moved from Albuquerque to Texas we just stuffed things in boxes and moved some strange things. One of the things that I brought by design was an old wine bottle. Just a little one with rattan on the bottom and a string to hang it up. After our move to Albuquerque, we discovered a restuarant out in the canyon. Bella Vista it doesn't exist anymore their sucess was there down fall. The menu was a simple one fried fish, chicken, cold slaw, and french fries and all you can eat. This was a blessing for a family with two growing boys and it became a favorite place for us to go for a treat. One of the times there hubby and I shared this small bottle of wine. We took the bottle home and it became a fixture for the middle of the kitchen table. Every odd candle found its way to the bottle for the kids to light and play with the wax running down the sides. Some place along the way we aquired a bunch of cheap plastic grapes that was added to the neck of the bottle. I couldn't part with the bottle so it came to Texas with us, the grapes were pretty gross so they went. P wanted it so we added a newer set of grapes and again was on the kitchen table. The rattan on the bottle was in pretty sad shape so that went, but the tradition continues.

These little things makes being a grandma a happy time.

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