Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Loma Linda, California

Watching Ophra yesterday, a city from my past was highlighted as the one place in the US that people live to an extended life some over 100 years of age.

When hubby first left the service and started to California Baptist College at Riverside, California. The boys were little and Pat had suffered with one ear ache after another all the time hubby had been home from Japan. The Doc suggested that he have his tonsiles out. The closest hospital was in Loma Linda. Loma Linda was the neighboring city to Riverside and Pat had his tonsils out there.

Hubby's great aunt and uncle had retired and moved to Loma Linda because it had a large Seventh Day Adventist settlement. Hubby's grandmother had become a Seventh Day Adventist later in life along with her brother George and wife Vashiti. We were invited to stay during the day that we couldn't get in the hospital with them. We partook of several meals with them. This was greatly appreciated as we were a young stuggling family with hubby in school. We were served tofu hamburgers and hotdogs. Hubby was a big meat and potatoes man and of course tofu was very new and different. He called it ersatz meat and it became a joke of the family that nothing was as bad as ersatz hamburgers.

The life style of the Seventh Day Adventist has been paying off for them as the proof of the advanced age of their members. We have been in the midst of Thanksgiving so all I could think of was a tofu turkey. Hubby would have veto that in a hurry


grandma1 said...

Is it possible to leave a comment no one ever does.

P M Prescott said...

I'll leave one. See you later when you come over for dinner.

Cannis said...

hey it is me Alex how was your thanksgiving? better than mine I hope. Well I can say this, Melissa and I are no longer together. I will however continue to help you if you ever find it absolutely needed. you may call me by this number: 505-238-0202. I am here to help like I always have.