Sunday, November 16, 2008

Settling in

I'm still trying to get pictures up and all the little things that I like to suround myself with. All my wall space is up so high that I would have to use a ladder and I am not sure I trust myself on one. I keep grandson busy on Saturdays but I always have more for him to do.

Mixed blessing that I am going to be great gramdma again. These things never happen at a time that is working for us. We will g et to have number one great grand for Christmas. If every thing works out he will be staying with me. My son's house is full and overflowing.

I am having such strang Sunday's church is at 8:00 AM then Sunday School. I am coming home to a empty house at 10:30. Shari is working and son's house is busy on their Sunday schedule. I am going up at 3:00 to have lunch with Shari it gets her out of the store for 30 minutes. I need to pickup a perscription anyway.

I called and talked to Penni she was having a good day. Last week was bad for her, but her tummy is open and flat for the time being. She is continuing to lose weight. We all feel so helpless that nothing can be done. I marvel at her cheerful attitude in spite of everything. Her goats have new playmates it is not just a sleepover. They have a young male in the mix so more babies are in the picture. Jingle bells was protecting floppy. I am so happy that they are accepting floppy finely. Floppy thought Penni was her mommie for a very long time.

I'm so disappointed to read that Georgia has some racial problems. The election of a our new president has brought out children chanting for the assassination of Obama. This is not something they thought up by themselves. I have lived though the terror of a president being assassinated before that I should never do that again. Poor losers, all of us have lived with losing out on our choice for the last 8 years. Can't they live with our choice for the next 4 hopefuly 8 years. I have such high hope Obama, God protect him and let him try to clean up this mess. I have grandkids and now grandgrands that need a good econmy.

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