Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving 1950

I was a newlywed at this Thanksgiving, we had only been married about a month.

Hubby was a Marine at Barstow Marine Base in California. He had many friends among the other Marines his best friend was a Marine by the name of Homer Wittwer. (Strange I can't remember what my telephone number in Texas was, but I remember his name.) He was engaged to a local girl and we spent a lot of time with her family. Hubby and Homer had entered a turkey shoot and won a turkey. Homer's girls mother volunteered to cook the turkey. I had no idea how to cook a turkey. We had Thanksgiving dinner at their home and spent the evening on the dessert

Homer had a dunebuggy that we spent a lot of time driving all over the Mojav Dessert. The stars were so bright and close it looked like you could reach up and pick them. The weather was great a light jacket was all you needed. We played hide and seek , hidding behind some bushes that dared to grow in the sand.

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P M Prescott said...

My parents running around in a dune buggy? What's wrong with this picture?