Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Long Day

We finally got Melissa her drivers license today. We have been trying for months, the State of Texas has been having us jump through so many hoops, I was afraid she would never get it. First of all we had to have her SS card, that had been lost some where. We had to go to Tyler and ask for a duplicate. We waited for that too arrive. She had to have 3 kinds of ID. She took her first written test right after Christmas and missed one too many of their trick questions. The license office is only open while she is in school. So this is a big problem, they are threating if she misses school for any reason. She had another dental appointment today so she took the day off and we tried about 10:00 this morning to take the test again and get in the driving test. She too the test this morning and passed it. But, she couldn't take the driving test until 1:45 this afternoon. Her dental appointment was 3:00 in Tyler. We hurried to Athens got our hair washed and cut. Raced back to Canton to meet the 1:45 driving test and rushed off to Tyler to the dentist. We stopped on the way into Tyler for hamburgers and made the dentist with 5 minutes to spare. We had to buy a tooth brush so Melissa could brush before her appointment. They are really, really, unhappy with her about not brushing and not brushing long enough. I'm at my wits end what to try next to get her to do this. Yugo may have to disappear for ever if she doesn't get with the program. It would be a terrible thing to loose all her teeth after her mom and dad had them straightened. She has another appointment with her DR. tomorrow I may have to get her and the counsler involved.

Hey, my back was lots better today, it didn't start hurting until about 2:30 this afternoon and boy was it hurting when I got home about 5:30. The cold pack and then the heat packs really help. I am going to take another muscle relaxant when I go to bed tonight and mahybe it will be better tomorrow. My doc in Kaufman said I should let them do the shots but I don't want to if I can help it. I am going to try the chiropractor tomorrow and see what he says, he really has helped me more than anyone else.

P is still playing nurse maid to her 7 baby goats. She had 9 baby goats but they have lost two of them. One of the little ones was rejected by its mom and P has been feeding it by hand. So the little one thinks P is her mom. They call this little one floppesy because one of its ears flopps over all the time. It is so cute but a real pain to take care of. P took one of them to school for M class to see this afternoon. I don't know how that came out.

Well, you can see we are busy, busy, hubby had to shift for himself today as Melissa and I were gone all day. This school year is really flying by, but I suppose Melissa thinks it will never be over. I have to write her a check for her annual tomorrow, how did they get so expensive.

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