Friday, February 02, 2007

Surpriseing Week

This has been the week for flowers. Hubby brought me peach colored roses while I was in the hospital. Can you believe he remembers I like orange or peach colored roses. My friend I made at the Methodist Church brought me a big vase of white lillies and white roses, last Sunday. My door bell rang this afternoon and a fellow resident brought me three orange roses. We have chatted several times outside with the dogs. She said I had been on her mind lately and brought me roses.

I found a green rubber frog at the grocery store today. Remembering how much my Harry use to love his frog I bought it for Sadie. The frog squeaks and Sadie loves it, I thought she would tear it up in the first 10 minutes. She carries it so easy it doesn't even have teeth marks. She does make it squeak all the time. Sadie brings me the frog to throw for her and she runs and brings it back. She is getting lots of exercise and keeps me busy throwing it for her.

First Monday weekend, Melissa and I are going to spend the day tomorrow. I missed the one last month.

We have started using the fire place all the wood is wet so its hard to get it started. Melissa and stored the wood at the bottom of the back stairs. It is quiet a chore to walk it up and down the back stairs to bring the wood in. Hubby is having fun keeping the fire going. The house smells like smoke but until the weather clears up it is pleasant to have a little fire in the living room.

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Christopher said...

hope you are continuinm to improve, very touching words and actions by your husband. prayers to YOU and yours.