Thursday, December 11, 2008

Off to Texas

If you have been reading Penni's posts you know she has been struggling with a eye. After all she has been through with it she has lost the sight in her eye. This has been very hard for her. I am flying down for awhile. I don't know how long but as long as she needs me.

I have put everything on hold here and I am going. I have had to pack my suit case 3 times. I too my robe off and packed it. Without realizing my cell phone was in the pocket. I had Pat put my suitcase in the car and then I couldn't find my cell phone. I was outside in the garage slippers an all, calling my cellphone , sure enough my suitcase was ringing. I had to drag it back into the house and dig my robe out. I hope that was the last time I have to pack it today. I don't know how I got this on itailits. More from Texas.

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