Saturday, March 15, 2008


I am always leary of people who go around saying how Blessed they are but I have felt that way so much lately. The people at church are going to move everything for my estate sale to a house in the middle of Canton on the main highway. It couldn't be a more perfect place to hold the sale. The moving of everything is going to be a huge huge job, but I have been assured that they will take care of all of it.

Talking with my friend that lost her husband a month before mine, I have felt Blessed that hubby was concerned enough about me to give me his retirement income when he died. When we retired we could have retired 9 different ways. We worked out how much each of us would have if the other one died. We equaled that out, so that each of us had the same amount of money if the other one died. We took less money while hubby was alive so that I could recieve his retirement after he was gone. Neither of us had a lot of life insurance but my income is enough that I can live comfortably on it. I do feel Blessed that hubby was concerned about how I could live monetarially without him.

Two other super friends have been apartment shopping for me all day Friday and found me what sounds like a perfect apartment. The apartment is just up the hill from Coors and Montano, behind the pizza place. We have been faxing the first forms to get the process started today. Two bedrooms in over 1,000 square feet, and in my price range if I sign a 6 months lease. Heaven forbid one move is enough I don't plan on moving again any time soon. I guess I shouldn't even thing that. Now I have to line up my grandsons to pack me and drive me to Albuquerque.

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Grinny Granny said...

Hope everything works out for the move next month. Melissa has a doctor appointment this afternoon (Thursday, March 20). We'll see if she can get her lexapro renewed. Pat has had a crazy day at school today. I just read about it on his blog. I missed a call from him while I was at lunch and called him. He told me to read his blog. Oh, the joys!