Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More Govement Red Tape

I have spent the last two days trying to get my car registered and a New Mexico drivers license. The office I chose to obtain these was reasonably close to the house. I had to make a second trip because I didn't have proof of address, it seems all you need is a bankstament or a light bill to prove you live at an address. Then they wouldn't issue a new license because I didn't have my SS card. I spent all last night an half of yesterday tearing up my records but I didn't have it. Two moves in less than a year I'm not surprised, the SS office was a long ways across town. Also, I have burned and sheded all kinds of records. I had to get rid of two, two draw filing cabinets, I use to have 4. I keep every piece of paper in the world but evidently not my SS card. I couldn't apply on line for one because my mothers maiden name was not spelled correctly. All my birth certificates have it spelled differently. After a lot of negotiations at the SS office I got them to spell it like my grandmother spelled it and my mother spelled it. The crazy thing about this is that today would have been my mothers birthday.

I bought a large clear vase at a garage sale. I cleaned it up and put it on the floor in the living room. I am making a fish tank out of it. It is the same shape as the little jars you see with fish and a plant. The plant lives in the water and helps feed the fish. Only mine is large enough to sit on the floor by my TV. Pat gave me part of the plant he has in his little fish vase and I had rooted another piece, so I have two pieces for the top. I bought a gravel (blue) for the bottom and added a shell I brought back from the last cruise. I bought a plant for the bottom and a maroon beta fish. Fishy is still in his little container, I filled the big vase with water and it is way to cold for him I am hoping it will warm up by morning.

You can see how exciting my life is I have to blog about a fish tank.

Shari and I did pickup a man at the buffet tonight, had a very lovely dinner with a male companion. That's a blog for another time.

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