Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Follow up Post

I didn't think to identify Cora Allie and Thomas. They were my grandparents. My grandmother lived with me all of my life. She died when Pat was almost two. She died of heart problems. Both Hubby and I were privileged enough to have grandmothers in residence. I suppose this was also a sign of the depression. Families lived together then. Hubbies grandmother lived alone when she could. My grandmother never lived alone. No surprise that my mother couldn't do it and that I am having trouble learning how.

I slept with my grandmother, she had time to read to me. It was my greatest pleasure when I could read myself. She taught me to embroidery when I was five, I still find this a pleasant past time. She had time to teach me the Lord's Prayer. She never went to church that I remember. She didn't go places alone and my parents didn't attend church. I was faithfully sent to SS every Sunday. When Hubby ask me to marry him that was one of the conditions I wanted us to take our kids to church. One of thing I cherish the most is a little sign that says "Prayer Changes Things" . This sign always set on her dresser alone with a square cut glass bowl. I have both of these and they always remind me of her.

She never told stories you had to ask about things so my memories of her stories are limited. She told me about seeing them bleed her mother. He father taking a box that had a still born baby and burying it. She never talked about her father. Her baby sister Aunt Lilly was always a part of the family. Aunt Lilly didn't talk about him either. She did tell me that he vowed never to speak to Allie again and he didn't.

If I think about more I may post about her again. She was a guiding light in my life.

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