Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving 1955

Thanksgiving 1955 hubby was overs seas, I was in Pueblo, Colorado with my parents. The boys were 3 and 2. Our Thanksgivings always included my Great Aunt Lilly and my fathers cousin Frank. We called Frank, Uncle Frank so that we wouldn't confuse my boys. Uncle Frank spent a lot of time with the boys and me, while hubby was away. He took us places we couldn't have gone without him. He went to Church with boys and me.

This particular Thanksgiving the weather was beautiful so we went for a ride out to Canon City about 40 miles away. I think gas was about 25 cents a gallon but Uncle Frank didn't have the money or forgot to check the gas gauge. We ran out of gas outside of town coming back. Uncle Frank walked to get gas (no cell phones in 1955). He came back with gas and we were off only to run out again before we reached the outskirts of town. We both pooled our money (not much) and we purchased gas again. I'm sure when we reached my father's house Frank had to ask for money and received a lecture from my Dad about the entire escapade.

I don't know if the boys remember the day but I do fondly. I really appreciated a old man taking the time to be kind to me and two little boys.

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