Wednesday, February 09, 2011

House Churchs

When hubby and I returned to Colorado from California. We were contacted by Missionaries of the Home Mission Board. They ask us if we would help form a Spanish Mission. Hubby was Ordained 1956, while we were in California and he was going to College. This was my first experience with a Home Church. The missionaries were a couple with a little boy, about the age of our two. They held the church services in there home. There son had chicken pox and our house was commandeered for services. This was during 1957 or 8 when there was still a big push on for new churches. Our boys learned to sing Jesus Loves me in Spanish.

When it became evident 1996 or 97 that Fundamentalist had taken over all of our local churches. A young man contacted us and ask for help forming a moderate church. Our home was again commandeered for services. I look back at that time as good one for our family. The pastor's family had so many problems it was impossible to continue the Church.

Now son is involved again in a House Church and I am looking once again at House Churches. All Churches were started in Biblical times in homes. It is amazing to me that once again people that hold on to Biblical beliefs and principles are having to resort to House Churches.

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