Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shades of the Past

Yesterday a friend of 30 years and I were traveling down Lomas past the cross street where we use to live. She remarked "It is the same color that it use to be."

Shortly after we bought the house on Hermosa hubby decided to paint the out side. It had been white many, many year before and needed something. Second son was working as stock er and all around flunky at Skaggs Drug down the street. We purchased many gallons of paint with his employee discount. Hubby bought several big fluffy rollers and he and the boys proceeded with the big, big job. Well boys the house still looks pretty good but daddy's yard and everything are all long dead. Only the cactus are thriving.

But painting always reminds me that both boys would paint when Mom decided something needed to be painted but just don't put both of the boys in the same room to paint that would start a battle royal.

By the way my kitchen cabinets need to be painted any takers?

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