Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 15, 1963

Pueblo, Colorado it had snowed a couple of days ago.  So the roads were still icy with piles of snow on other side.  Weather still below zero.

Of course that would be the time for my little girl to be born.  After two boys well into school, a new addition was a surprise.  I was so please to have a little girl after the boys.  See was like dressing a little  doll. She had a aunt and grandmother that felt the same way so she was well supplied.

She learn to sew at a very early age and loved every minute of it.  We shared making home coming dresses and all of her school clothes.

  She developed a love of music early on and wanted a violin.  She was too little for a full size so she started on a 3/4 one.  Mom put the violin on a payment plan and she love it dearly.  She wanted a piano so Mom sold piano's out of the living room for a year for a piano.  That piano was her 16th Birthday present.

She became a Christian early in life and loved going to Church the youth group and choir.  She served one summer as a youth camper worker, cleaning toilets and mopping floors.

Her education was just a fun place for her she was in the flag core.  Her first two years of college were just more fun time.  Altho she always had a partime job.  She was a office receptionists and cleaned offices after hours.

She worked  in an offices and  one of her bosses offered to send her to school but she wasn't interested. She spent some time in a home health office and found an interest in respiratory therapy.
Our junior college offered a course and she was accepted.  She found her love in new born ICU's and worked until her illness forced her to stop.

She found time to develop a keen interest in crafts and was a natural.  Rubber stamp clubs were fun, she belonged to two .  Her cards were beautiful.

She left us after a battle with ovarian cancer on December 17, 2008.

My daughter my closes friend  Happy almost 49 Birthday.

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