Friday, January 06, 2012

New Year 2012

I never thought I would live this long, but here I am
I will try to  post more often this year.

I just returned from Oklahoma.  Pretty land and cities.  Norman is very pretty.

I am convinced that 4 generations should not live in one house.  Number one sons house is a large one by standards but 4 generations really filled it up.  I had so much fun watching the 2 year olds play.  We now buy cardboard boxes that look like space ships.  The boys ate it up.  They were so active during the day.  That when bed time came again it was good to see them go. 

We then played Scrabble until midnight.  That was fun but the 5:30 arise of hedgehog and tails was a but hard to take.

I loved the 4 generations.  The trip over was awful to have to go to Houston to go to OKC is stupid.  The trip home was very  uneventful.  Son was troubled that my change of ticket didn't go through but everything was fine.

I am now gearing up for the legislative session.  Our education retirement and insurance is on the chopping block.  I am behind in getting the other organizations behind me but I am surging ahead.  I just hope I have the strength to carry the good fight.old's

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