Friday, June 10, 2005

June 10, 2005

Yesterday was a very good birthday hubby was more withit than most days lately. We had a Birthday party for the all June Bi rthdays as the apartment complex, and I was the youngest. We went shopping in Mesquite and believe it or not they don't make telephones with ditigal clocks that you can read at night. We had a conversation the first one in a long time. Hubby is as unhappy with our apartment as I am. We may try to find something to rent in Canton. We won't have the swimming pool and some of the activities but we are doing much of them anyway.

Hubby wanted a new swimming suit and the one he picked out may keep us awake at night. So we went swimming at 9:00pm last night, pool was great but not deep enough to really swim in.
The hot tub was even better, maybe hubby won't be so reluctant from now on.

Need to go grocery shopping mother hubbards cubboard is bare. Shopping is such a drag it takes all day and the lugging out of the store and into the car and into the house gets more tiring every time.

I don't need to continue trying to fit everything in this impossible apartment if we are going to move. That will be a job but maybe I can hire some help.

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