Monday, June 20, 2005

June 20, 2005

Well D day has arrived P saw the doctor today. He can now feel the tumor, by looking at cat scan a lymph gland maybe involved. She started chemo again on Friday. They will be giving her Taxol(?) but small dose once a week. It maynot make her as sick as the one did before. But she will loose her hair and have trouble with the feeling in her fingers. I can't get any information on breaking my lease, I seem to be at the mercy of the owners of the complex. The lease says I am responable for 85% of the rent until the lease expires, or until the apartment is rented.

Yesterday was Father's day we had a good day. I had bought hubby a massage mat that he is really enjoying. We went to P for a late lunch, very good P And D had picked some blueberries, boy they were good on some vanilla and strawberry icecream. We came back here and went swimming from 7:30 until 9:00 water was great. The time to go swimming is after dark or just before dark no sunburn and few people in the pool.

You need to check out Rita Rudders website on ovarian cancer. She died of ovarian cancer, it is so scary that it is hard to read it.

D finally straightened out my computer. Iquess the SBC DSL disk put all kinds of crazy things on my computer. I won't be downloading anything else from them, what a mess.

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