Monday, June 06, 2005

June 6, 2005

Home safe from Oklahoma long trip but what a great trip, exhausting. We may be too old for this whirlwind trip. Including a torrando warning , will I ever get use to them. After the little one we had in Albuquerque many years ago, the destruction was so great.

It was so great to have all of my kids their spouses together. All of the grandkids were their with the exception of Steven. E and Richie also were there, the breakup of his marriage has been too long in developing, but no one can say that E didn't try. Now all that is left is the legal mess and trying to put his life back together after a 5 year detour. Maybe Steven can be a big help to E in getting his self esteem back. Poor Richie is just confused and unsettled of all of the changes.

P it looks like will have to have more chemo this is so distrubing. Just one day at a time we have to pray for the complete remission.

No more travel for a long time the hauling around of the luggage is just too much. Hubby was very content while we were driving. He is just too out of it which he was pretty much the whole trip or he is feeling that bad. Everything even moving seems too much of an effort to him. I quess another round of trips to the doc's are in the future. We need to get that all done before the boys come in July.

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Greek Shadow said...

Made it home, kitty's are learning to get along. Glad all that driving is over.