Monday, May 30, 2005

May 30,2005

One more trip to Oklahoma going up to Altus to see grandson and family. I can't believe we have a great grandson. I hope he still looks like his father and grandfather. I finally have found out how to take pictures on the digital camera and how to print them out of the camera. I still haven't found out how to e-mail them. If I can just center the picture we will have some good pictures from the trip and wedding. P should get results of her ct scan on Wednesday we really need to know. Both daughter-in-laws with health problems and my youngest too. I'm so afraid that P will need more chemo the last was so hard on her. Michelle gets so upset not knowing what is going on.

Well I tried on the dresses for the wedding I'm going to need a really good bra and they will look alright, but I really need heels. So I bought some I hope I can stand to wear them for 2 days. I don't think I've worn any since P was married, I got rid of all of them when we moved.

My resolve to get the barn cleaned out has been slow. I'm repacked and moved 10 small boxes but there is still so much left.

I may have to give hubby more relaxing meds before we try to drive to Okla. I may have help driving back. I'm anxious for P and family to come for a few days. Three trips to Okla. in 6 weeks is a lot

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