Monday, May 16, 2005

May 16,2005

Good trip to Oklahoma long but good. Stayed at Kathy's unusal house. Nice to slep i n a second story bedroom. trees with leaves outsid the window. I'm afraid the wedding will produce some undesirable complications. Not so sure a motel doesn't sound better all the time. There will be 11 of us to add to B house that is a lot during a wedding. C graduation was great so pleased with her dedication and accomplishments. Concerned about the military life in the future that she is not the lease prepared for. I quess we all have to learn and the younger the better. P and D are going to arkansas before the wedding so I quess we will drive up again by ourselves. We have finally found a way that is a little longer but so much less congestion. Of course the program on dateline last night didn't help any. A lot of the travel is a two way highway but maybe day time and not so many big trucks helps. Bruces blog is going great time if you haven't been on it visit it and way in on the issues.

Dena called while we were gone and I talked to her a long time. She is encouraging us to see Oregon as a possible home. We might check the airfare and see about a trip this summer.

I now have a subscription to the Alb. Journal that is helpful and I can keep up with the Obits.

So anxious to see everyone at the Wedding.


Greek Shadow said...

You can delete the spammer who just stepped on your site.
Glad you had a good trip. If you make reservations for a motel room let us know and we will try to stay in the same place, sounds like we need to plan for that too.

Greek Shadow said...

Eddie called and said he won't be able to go up for the wedding. We are thinking of driving to you, that way Linda can drive the van and I can drive the car so you don't have to do all the driving. We can go up to see Eddie and Richie then head up for the wedding. Let me know what you think.