Wednesday, May 11, 2005

May 11, 2005

Another trip to Oklahoma but I drive both ways this time. I am trusting that the medication Hubby is on will keep him calm in all the traffic. We can't be held captive in Terrell. I saw some small older motor homes on our way through Farmsville on the way home. I am so tempted to try that again. I just haven't got the travel bug out of my system. Hubby keeps asking about that kind of travel he isn't ready to let it go either. I quess this small trip will let me know if it is possible. I have a doctor appoinment they have to give us something else besides Bextra. Most doctors just want you to take Tynole where oh where is Dr. Calson when we need him. Maybe a trip back to NM is in order.

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Greek Shadow said...

Take it easy, I know that sounds easier to say than do. Have a nice trip.
I do as much as I can to reduce my stress level, but this year has been really hard. The thought of just one more helps. Blogging helps, hearing what other people are going through lets me know I'm not alone in this, and that helps.