Friday, May 20, 2005

May 20, 2005

P and D just came after Michelle, she is fun but takes a lot out of me. It's so hard to get her to go to bed. We have her again tomorrow but just for the day. The himidity is so bad I have to keep the airconditioner on all the time. We seem to be settling in pretty good but NM looks better every day. It depends on how P is doing with her next dr. appointment. Read an article about Ray at WS Pharmacy in the Alb. Journal. How I miss him, you can't get any information here. Hubby seems to be doing fine, still having trouble getting our medication out of Albuquerque. It seems to be the mail system east of Dallas and NM was suppose to be the land of manyona ? Never had to spell that one before. Our kitty hides every time Michelle is here but I understand the two years old where she was before liked to chase her. We took lots of pictures on the digital in Okla. Now i just need to see if I canget them on the computer to send to everyone. I may be getting too old for all the new technology.


Greek Shadow said...

Are you trying to get to me from Tig's Novel or using the address?
I'll check around, but no telling what I'll find. Didn't know you had a kitty. We'll both have to get Bruce to show us how to work pictures on the blogs when we get there.

Greek Shadow said...

Just talked to Ray at the pharmacy. Gave him your blog address, and asked him to check around for a senior community housing place. He said he could find you something in about a week. I told him you're thinking about August. Then it dawned on me. Believe it or not registration for APS this year is Aug 3. That is not a typo. First day of class is Aug 8. Double bummer. They've added more days for Winter break and that has pushed it up to early Aug. So far my air conditioner is working good this year, just hope it holds out and works good then too.

Greek Shadow said...

That writers conference sounds nice, except it is for non-fiction and what I have is two novels. See you in a couple of weeks.
Just came across some Southern phraseology interpretations.

Bless you - compliment, means what it says.

Bless your heart - Sarcasm ie. you're an idiot.