Thursday, May 05, 2005

Good trip to OKLAHOMA good to see and talk with other members of the family. It just took us a couple of days to recover. Going back again in two weeks and then again in another two weeks. Lots of road travel for us old folks. Weather has been cool and not to humid. Thinking about returning to NM this summer. I have to see how I adjust to the humiditity.

Another trip to the dentist today we can't seem to get all the dental work done. We are just making the dentist rich. Not bad for someone who was suppose to have dentures at 18. They just keeping working on my own.

Hubby just loses more memory every day, or is the hearing loss. He didn't take part in any thing in Okla. He was just content to be there and be with every one.

P informed me that D's mother was coming back and moving in, in october. She caused so much trouble the last time she was here. Why is P letting here come back. She says it is because K and T won't allow her to live near them. Another reason for going back to NM. If we could just find a place to live in NM similar to this one. I'm not sure they have anything like this.


Greek Shadow said...

I don't have anything to grieve. Others there are getting screwed a whole lot more than I am. Ellen needs to make this public. If anyone from the school does their dead. It has to come from higher up. But I don't see Ellen doing that while negotiating pay raises.

Greek Shadow said...

Happy Mother's Day. I would have posted this earlier, but L had a million things for me to do this weekend and wouldn't even let me look at the computer.
Just took Rose home, she just keeps puttering along. Bought Phantom of the Opera yesterday so we showed it to her. She seemed to like it.

Greek Shadow said...

They've just started looking at the budget and APS announced it needs another million to ballance. They may have settled on some things, but I don't think they settled on pay yet.
Last day is around May 23 or 24. We had a snow day so it's been prolonged.