Wednesday, May 16, 2007

43 years ago

Forty three years ago I spent the day in the hospital. It was also the only day that my third son and fourth child lived and died.

This was a warm and spring day in Albuquerque of course it got hot later on in the day. My mom and dad were there to take care of the other three kiddo's. My mom was the only family member to see Timothy. I was told he had dark hair and was a purfect baby. A inexperienced doctor let me lay in labor while the baby was in distrest. The baby had been without oxgen so long that he was brain dead. When the OB GYN got there they just delivered the baby and didn't try to get it to breath. My mom said she heard him cry, they told everyone that his lungs weren't developed enough to breath. He was only two weeks early so that wasn't true. The OB GYN told me that if I had been going to a OB GYN I would have had a live baby but he wouldn't testify in court to that fact. Unfortunately that inexperienced doctor is still practicing.

Just thought somebody ought to remember Timmy today.

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P M Prescott said...

Has it been that long ago?