Sunday, May 13, 2007


I haven't read today's SS lesson it is entitled The Eternal Home. The writer of these lesson has been very good. I just wish the various teachers in our SS class would teach out of the quarterly instead of trying to push pre-milliumism. They keep talking rapture where there isn't any and today she even got off on intelligent design. Annie called tonight to tell me how sick her hubby is, he has been in the hospitel. He has had several heart attacks, a pace maker installed and a stroke. He doesn't sound good at all. I hurt so for Annie, I wish I could be there to help. I don't know what I could do accept hold her hand but I could at least do that.

I started thinking this morning in SS about home. When Hubby and I were getting ready to retire. B and G were remolding that house in Farmington, they wanted hubby and I to sell our house and move in with them. The house would be big enough for all of us and I would have been fun. It was a tempting idea but we valued our independence too much to go that route. We did spend a lot of time up there and running around with them. I wouldn't trade one minute of it. We had such a great time. As things stand now it would have been disastrous for us. G couldn't and hasn't been able to handle hubby's ALZ. We tried to go on cruise with them after hubby started having problems and G would handle it. I don't blame G some people just can't stand to see someone they spent so much time with go away like he has.

Next Jean and I always talked about living together particularly after John died and I really think we would have done it. But, she was diagnosed with ALZ and P had cancer and we moved to Texas. Jean died a little over a year ago and I can't tell you how much I miss her. Jean didn't have any big major heath problem. We talked so much about not wanting to live with a quality of life. I think she just gave up and didn' t want to live anymore.

Annie and I always teased that we should rent an apartment and get away from everyone and live together. Now her hubby is in a life threating way and mine is going down more every day. We never know where life will take us and we may never know where home is or who is living in that home.

Nice Mother's Day, we went to SS and Church and back to P for lunch. P gave me a great Mother's Day card she had made complete with family pictures. The card was very professional. Pat wished me a Happy Mothers Day after Melissa called her mom to wish her one. They will be here in about 2 weeks. Melissa and I spent the afternoon making her invitations to her graduation party. Annie had received her invitation to my 75 birthday and called to tell me about it. I still have the local invitations to give out.

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