Friday, May 04, 2007


The rest of the family can blog ranting so now is my turn.

John Stossel on 20/20 lied on TV when he trashed the public schools in America and I hadn't watched 20/20 sence then.

Why the TV was on 20/20 tonight I don't know but he was trashing
Ethoanol (?). I'm not sure whether it is the answer to our dependence oil but at least they are trying to do something. Stossel had someone from Cato Institute he was interviewing. The guy from Cato was saying that all the money we are paying to buy oil would be used to buy corn so that we could make Ethoanol. The idea was the poor people that are making a fortune from high oil prices would lose money. The public would be paying to buy corn to make Ethoanol wouldn't that be terrible that the greedy guys in the oil pipe line would loose money. I know better than to watch 20/20 again. How do we allow this guy on primetime TV to spout all the propaganda .
Do people really believe all of junk.

Hey we are doing well Melissa seems to have passed all of her classes. She has turned in 3 big projects she has very well and one and barely passing on another. I haven't heard about the big one she spend so much time one. We are going to Home Depot to put in an application tomorrow and then to First Monday. She did really well getting all of her weekend work tonight so she has all weekend to do what she wants. Youth group going to SpiderMan movie Sunday afternoon and she is going.

We are counting down the days until graduation. They practiced today and she finally realized it was going to happen and she got very excited.

Maybe we can all get excited for her.

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P M Prescott said...

Very good news indeed. Hope she enjoys the movie.