Saturday, December 29, 2007

Home At Last

I came home yesterday, and all of my kids called to see if I was alright. I'm getting around the house but slow. I started this yesterday and my computer crashed. I spent the day yesterday waiting for my help here in the village to be available. Gloria finally called about Michelle's birthday party. I bought Michelle a Bible book at First Monday sometime ago. I hid it in my closet and I found it for her. I'm sorry I didn't have more for her.

Penni is looking very tired, she wants so much to have this party for Michelle. None of the little girls from school showed up. The same thing happened last summer at the unbirthday party. Michelle's brownies showed up last summer and she had a great party. Her cousins being here has made this birthday a good one in spite of Mommie being sick and grandma hopping around.

I got a e-mail from a long ago friend. I have often wondered what happened to her. When they moved to Texas our lives took different paths and we lost track of each other. I understand we are both widows now. Maybe we can catch up on our lives>

I am still having trouble making the term widow apply to me. I am still having lots of pain in just moving in the morning. I have taken lots of pain meds and I will try to get dressed. My village help is tied up this morning, if they don't materize this afternoon I am going shopping by myself.

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Grinny Granny said...

I bet it feels good to be home. Hope you can get some help and get things done, little by little. Just take it slow.