Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Liz (from the surgerons office) came in a few minutes ago and said surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. This surgery is suppose to be a miracle. They will put a balloon in the verabay blow it up, they will deflate and fill the same space with cement. This is suppose to take care of my pain. I will still have the nerve damage to the left leg. I hope they will re admit me to take care of the nerve damage so I can move my left leg. I also need to be able to climb the stairs to the deck, so I can get in to the house.

Bruce is down from OK. He will be staying at my house and driving back and forth. P is back in the hospital. She has a bowl impaction and an infection again. I have tried to call her but her hospital phone isn't working. A early surgery is better than waiting all day to have one. They still haven't transfered me from re-hab to the hospital.

Will post more after surgery.

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