Thursday, December 06, 2007

More Pain

Monday November 26 I had a x ray of my hips and a test for blood clots. They couldn't find anything at Kaufman and sent me to se RA doc.

I managed to keep my dental appointment on Tuesday.

Wednesday I had one of the stangest doc appointments with the RA Doc. It was very late in the day and every one was rushing arounding trying to get out of the office. The doc blew in for about two minutes and took one look at me and said saic nerve and left. I had this troop of people rushing around and giving me 6 or 8 shots in my back. I kept asking what they were putting in the only answer I could get was something like a pain killer you have had the dentist. By then I hurt so bad I quess I just let them do anything if it would stop the pain. They then used a 10 units on my back. While using 10 units they puts strips on my arch of my foot and my heel. This had needles in it that hurt like hell. I think they were measuring my nerve reaction> They were going to sent that off to be read<> I was rushed out of there with an appointment for some kind of a spinal cord test with dye on December 10th in Tyler.

I managed to drive home for Tyler after dark.

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