Monday, May 12, 2008

Finally I have an Internet connection

Grandson Eddie flew out to Canton on 4/19 Steven was a no show, that meant we had to pull my car behind the U-haul. Numbe one son came down to help me pack the truck and get me out of Texas. We started packing on Saturday night, we could never have got everything packed without number one son. Sunday and I had some more help my terrific massage therapist and her husband. They came and volunteered to be the muscle to carry everything to the truck. Number one son was in the truck packing everything. So far I have only found a couple of some small things that was damaged. One of my small bamboo shelves was dropped and some of the main posts are split very heavily. Hubbies foot locker that I had painted is sporting a big foot print. I wonder who that belongs to, another coat of paint will fix that.

I was panic stricken when I was directed to my new apartment one way was up 6 steep cement steps without a rail. Then along a sidewalk to the north a short way and west several feet to the apartment. That was really out of the question. I was having trouble breathing at sea level the mile high city was worse. There is a city street behind the apartments offering parking but the only way to the apartment was down a steep parking a city sidewalk and gravel , grass slope. I was fantic they couldn't find another apartment for me. I ask that stepping stones be added to the slope. They agreed but the landscaping people would have to do the work. I had volunteered to pay for the stepping stones. It has taken 2 weeks for them to get them installed but they work well. I am not afraid of falling like I was on the gravel.

The apartment is great the two bedrooms is working out a lot better than one. I have so much stuff to put in an offiice. While I was packing the roll top desk, I was wondering where I was going to put all of it if, I sold the desk. So the simple idea was just to take it with me.

The only thing that son was upset about was the patio table I use as a kitchen table. It is wrought iron and the legs don't come off. I just told every one that number one son was in charge and just do it his way and everything would go well and, it did. I'm giving number one son a hard time but really if he hadn't come down my time schedule would never have worked. He was wonderful to take his weekend to help momie pack and get out of Texas.

I am so set on doing a white wicker bedroom but I can't find any white wicker. I have been trying to buy some on line. It is out of New York they are suppose to pay the shipping I hope they do that is a long way.

My friend Shari from the neighborhood association has been a great friend, she has run around with me looking at furniture and she has sold me some of the furniture she hauled back from California. Shari's aunt passed away and she brought some of the really nice pieces back. I got a great leather chair and foot stool the chair reclines without being a recliner per say. The next piece is really a wall unit. Two book cases with a piece that includes a drop down desk. I am trying to fit it into my living room. Annie has been great to take me out and cheer me up when I am blue about leaving P in Texas.

Pat and family have just been living with me helping in everything Pat and wife put my kitchen hutch together. Don't ever buy furniture that has to be put together what a nightmare a jillen little pieces and all those screws. Melissa has been here emptying boxes and lugging books around grandma can't decide where she wants them.

Mother's day was great we all went to church together and finished that off with bar que from Powdell's. I received telephone calls from P and from number one son.

I think that catches my life up to the present. I promise it won't be that long before I post again.

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Nice to have you blogging again