Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Unpacking still going on

I am still unpacking. My friend Shari has taken up a goodbit of my time. That is good I'm not worring about what is going on in Texas. P seems to be doing good inspite of the chemo.

My wicker furniture arrived yesterday. I love it. Some problems but I hope they will go away soon.

Last night was my first investment club meeting everyone was there it was great. I'm back in officially the buy in wasn't too great. No meetings for the summer but we start again in September and are planing a trip either late October or the first of November. It is so great to be with them again. Most of them came to Texas to visit me last October. Billie spent alittle while with me today. I didn't realize how worried they were about me while I was in Texas. I know I was really low but Billie could hear it in my voice.

I got a traffic ticket Sunday night there was no place to park on either side of the street except on the yellow line and I parked there and of course it was a $20.00 fine.

Shari is off tomorrow I don't know where we will go. Maybe she will help me here I still need to do a picture wall in the living room. I put pictures up in the bedroom with Billie's help.

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