Sunday, May 25, 2008

Doctors Appointment

I had a terrible docors appointment. I went without taking my shingles and pain medication. I am so addicted to the pain medication. I had a melt down at the doctors office. She over reacted and wanted me to see a psychiatrist. She was holding me hostage. I had to call Pat to come an rescue me. I thought I had messed up a blood test that I took a couple of weeks ago. I went without taking my medication, so I could take another blood test. I have tried to tell her how addicted I am to that pain medication. I have to be able to get off of it some how.

Now I have to see some one to please this doctor. I still think I am entitled to a metle down once in a while. My apartment is getting to me, I can't seem to get it sorted out. I spent all yesterday afternoon trying to get my bath room put together. I am still throwing away old drugs of hubbys, also I had several bottles that my arthritis doctor had me get. I don't remember taking any of them I was in the hospital in Dallas or the rehabe. They have me taking anti depresents again. I don't know how that is going to work. I tried it once before about a year ago and it didn't work then I don't know if it will again.

Melissa, Richie and I went to early services again. Richie is so good when he is with only us. When we are with Daniel he has to compete. Shari and I went shopping for a coffee table today the one I really want is 12 inches too long. There is a round one that is a possiblity. I have to make up my mind by 6:oo pm tommorrow night. The sale goes off then. I hate to have pressure put on me. I still haven't come up with a price for the wall unit I put in the living room . I need to pay for it first.

Today's paper has come classes from the senior centers. There is one in June to be able to put ditgal pictures on the computer send them on e-mail. I think I will try to get in that one.

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