Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Fourth of July

Strange 4th I have spent the day by myself. Gloria came and did a massage other than that I have been by myself. Shari called this morning she is working today and doing a cookout for everybody working there. I spent the day writting letters to the docs and hosptials to get hubby's medical records sent to me. I mailed off the information to have the VA requesting the records be sent to them so they can check on the reason for his death If we can show a military connection it means several more hundreds of dollars a month for me.

Penni and I decided we needed statement attached to the back of the prayer in the picture frame in Michelle's bedroom. I've been working on one. I'm going to post it here also deleting some of the names.

This sampler was made in 1953 by Grandma C she was Grandma Bs mother. Grandma B was Grand Tena's mother. Your mother use to go to Colorado to spend part of the summer with her. Grandma C's husband was in the Civil War this is documented with the Daughters of the Confederacy. You are entitled to belong to the Daughters of the Confederacy.

The sampler was made for Uncle P before he was born 1953. The sampler is a prayer that was hung in Uncle P's room until he grew up. The prayer was hung again in your mother's room until she grew up. The prayer was hung again in Cousin M's room until she grew up Mommy ask for the prayer so M could have it in her room. The prayer was located, restored and sealed in the picture frame for you. Please take care of it for your little girl or boy.

Grandma C taught Grandma Tena to embroidery when Grandma Tena was 5 years old. Grandma Tena embodied the pillows for you mommy.

I hope this hides enough for the internet. I also hope it is enough information so a little girl won't forget the importance of the picture.

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