Monday, July 21, 2008

Texas Again

Here I am again, it is just like I never left.

Plane trip was fine, M slept most of the way. P and D picked us up and we have a trip to Denny's on the way home. P was tired when we got home but seemed fine. We went to "Mama Mia" on Saturday. What fun it was a girls trip to the big city of Athens an afternoon movie and a late lunch. Sunday I was a little under the weather so I laid low. Today Terri took me to Terrell to the foot doctor. He cut my ingrown toenail out again I hope it is going to work this time.

I got a call from Shari and Rich last night. The house has mold and it is black, but the good news is that its only on the wallboard which can be replaced. Rich is finding out how much it is going to take to get this problem taken care of. I called the owners with the news and ask them to go and check out the problem for themselves. They are not interested and looking at it. They are going to take our word for the problem and how much to repair it. As soon as I get this last piece of info I can start neotiations again.

P tired after her trip to Dallas today but it is 100 degrees and the heat got to her. She rested and is up working on her blog. Stop by and leave her a message she is really enjoying them.

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