Thursday, August 07, 2008

Comfort Zone

M was wanting to be in a comfort zone last night, she wanted to sleep with me. When I lived here she slept with me a lot, at that time we were sleeping on a queen size bed. Last night we both slept on a single bed, it was crowed but she wanted to do that. This morning she ask me to pick out a outfit for her to wear to Bible school. She had about 6 different outfits laid out on her bed, any of them were good matches. It is very srange that people on What Not to Weat can't pick out one matching outfit and a 8 year old could already pick out very good outfits.

Mom and Dad come home today and Dad goes to work this weekend. I have a few little things I want to do before I go home. I need to visit the good will and the dollar store one of them has to have a picture frame the right size.

The house I wanted to see in Albuquerque sold yesterday so I may have to look in a diffferent direction. Everybody is afraid I'm going to choose a house right away and be sorry I didn't look a little longer. Yes, I am anxious to get settled but they fail to remember how well I like to look at houses. Hubby use to think I wore the tires out on the car looking at houses. I remember bubba being unhappy with me because I wanted to look at houses after I picked him up from school. Maybe bubba can help me find a house again.

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