Saturday, August 02, 2008

Ticket Home

I have purchased my ticket to go home on Monday 11th. I need to let P and her family have some time alone. Vacation Bible School is next week and I'm staying to take M every day. I have made plans with Deanne to have lunch on tuesday. Wednesday I go back to the foot doc. He wants to take my whole nail off and I'm afraid to have it new and painful while I'm trying to go through security and get all the way through airports. Gloria says it will be painful to sit in the plane for two hours. I'm not sure I'll let him to that.

We are going to get M hair trimed not cut we have to stress that today and then we are off to First Monday. I'll not sure how long that will last as P seems pretty tired today.

Looking at listings for houses on line has been a great way of spending time but I'm going to have to see them in person. I know that losing the other patio home was the best thing but I'm not sure how the financial thing is going to work out for buying one that is ready to live in.

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