Thursday, August 14, 2008

At Home at last

I flew home on Monday the 11th leaving Penni in a lot of pain. Gloria was with her and the hospic nurse was on her way. I had already purchased the ticket and all the arrangements were made. I am so glad they increased her pain med so she doesn't hurt.

Sunday night I had to do a scary thing. I bought a house sight unseen. Two good friends had been looking for a house for two weeks. On of my friends is a real estate agent the other just a good friend. I had made a bid on the house on there recomendation with a item that I had to see the house on Monday. The seller agreed to sell to me if I bought it sight unseen. Two or three other bids were on the house. I removed the item and bought the house sight unseen. I guess he thought if I was stuipd enought to do that I deserved to have the house. The good thing is that I really like the house. A two bedroom patio home in my old neighborhood. The address is on 67th street again. it is just on the other side of St. Joseph from my old house. The only problem is the size it is only 785 square feet. I bearly got everything in this 1000 square feet apartment.

The crazy thing is I bought a couch yesterday. It is a hide a bed covered with the fabric of the drapes I have been carrying around for 10 years. The hide a bed needs new covers on the seat pillows. I have plenty of fabric to cover them again. It really needs to be shampooed. In the mean while poor son had to rearrange his living room to store the new couch.

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